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Get a consultation from Mystic01 - Love And Sex and Indian Astrology in Anchorage - no waiting. 5-10 years of practice and skills in Indian Astrology. I am a gifted psychic with the ability to help people fulfill their dreams and realize the truth and helping them to walk through the path of success. I have healed countless people in my daily life. And I intend to do the same for the people out there. I will give you a simple and straight advice with no sugar coating. You’ll hear what is best for you. We spend much of our life trying to “find our way” - to true love, to our dreams, to new beginnings, and a better life. Finding your true love is a mystery no more. I am here to walk you on that path. I will advise you the most accurate path with no sugar coating. I will only say what my spirit guides will tell me and you should be able to bear the truth of your life. If there are any difficulties, I’ll help you to solve them by suggesting several compassionate methods. I don’t want to brag about my abilities but here is a sure thing that I would like you to know. I can reunite you with your soul mate. The charm of love can between you two can be awaken again if you have lost it. Apart from relationship matters, I am also available to discuss your future concerns about job, big decisions, marriage etc. Following are the types of questions that I’d like to handle: You are not happy with you partner and wondering what should you do? What does my partner thinks about me? Is my partner cheating on me? Am I on the right path? How can I remove the gap of relationship between me and my partner? Is this the right job for me? What future I see if I stick to this particular job? Is she/he going to break up with me? When will I find my true love? My readings will treat above matters but are not limited to them. You can ask me anything that is making you feel terrible. I am a good listener. “Truth be told”, I can only walk you through the ways by which you can solve your problems. Problems can only be solved if you face them, not run from them. And I am here to make you strong enough to meet the challenges in your life and conquer them. My mission is to enlighten, inspire and help the people to get back on track. I want to help people to fulfill their dreams and live a life of immersion. In my past experience I have helped a lot of people to heal their relationship with their soul mates and it has been very fruitful. My strong readings which I’ll tell you with the help of my energies, will enlighten your life and soul. You will find my advice and readings to be satisfying your daily matters. My ultimate goal of life is to help people with their relationships and bring peace and prosperity in their life. Experience: I am a born psychic and I was in early teens when I stated giving advice to people about their daily life maters. I want to share a quick story here. My two cousins were in love with each other but they had a very serious break up. None of them was going to lean down to heal the relationship and get back together. I used my psychic gifts and talked to them separately one by one. And made them feel these kind of fights doesn't mean that you are not made for each other. You only live once and as someone says that love can move mountains, so if you just give it another try, I can assure you that you’ll not regret your choice. Finally, they were together and now after a relationship of almost 5 years, they got married a year ago and now they have a son. The purpose of sharing this story was to provide the proof of my psychic and convincing abilities to heal the relationship and bring joy in people’s life. Plus my sixth sense has always been a guiding path for people around me. Somehow, I naturally have a feeling about certain situations and most of the time these predictions came true. It’s been more than 6 years now and I have been helping people to realize what the true meaning of love is and what can be the best choice for them. I have also conducted and attended many sessions and seminars regarding psychic abilities, personality disorders, grooming skills and leadership conferences etc. NOTE: Never share your personal information (Email, Phone Numbers, and IDs etc.) with me. I am neither a doctor nor a lawyer who assist you in medicine and legal advice. For this you must consult to some professional. And I’d very much appreciate if you avoid the talks regarding DEATH and RELIGION.

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